Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, November 30

  1. Can't believe November's virtually over. Now we launch headlong into December ... the greatest month of the year, if only it could be warm. I am just not cut out for this winter stuff.
  2. Driving home from the gym tonight, a little snow started to fall. And the song "First Snowfall" came up on my CD ... it was a perfect moment. Chilly, but perfect.
  3. The Rices are coming back! Mike, Rae and Kaylee return from their the downstate portion of their vacation on Thursday, and they'll be with me until they have to leave for the airport on Saturday. I love having them here.
  4. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I sat down several times over the last week to write and reflect on Thanksgiving, and what it means to me ... and every time, it just came out like a monologue about my dad. I guess that's the real deal. My dad is gratitude, and forgiveness, and joy, and generosity, and faith, and humor. Of all the things in this world for which I am thankful, my dad tops the list. Every freakin' time.
  5. I don't understand the lure of American Girl dolls, but I can promise you this: economic recovery is upon us, if the number of people spending money on their products is any indication. That place was SWAMPED on Saturday.
  6. One more thing I'm thankful for: Dad's stuffing.
  7. Skinny Cow truffle ice cream bars. Get some.
  8. Work is driving me completely bananas. But that was a short trip, anyway.
  9. This weekend I have my third 5K of 2010. I am determined to run as much of it as I can, although my knees really hurt this week. Ouchie. But one way or another, I will run, and I will finish. (Then, I will eat eggs.)
  10. Bath & Body Works "Need a Margarita" body scrub is the best-smelling yumminess ever. Seriously.

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jessicat said...

We are A.G. fans! My K never got into "babydolls" but loves her AG dolls like no other. So we are part of the obsessed culture, although I wasn't in line on Saturday! (wish I was...)