Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, September 7

The Birthday Weekend Edition!
  1. Karaoke on Friday night was an absolute blast. I haven't seen Steve in years, and he was there. Tim showed up, too, fresh from his two-week year in Korea. Add Amber and I to the mix, along with a bunch of really great singers, and it made for an incredible night of music. And that one crazy woman. No, it wasn't me.
  2. Saturday was chilly. So much for my day at the beach! But still, it was lovely. Amber and I wandered around town, ate sandwiches on the lakefront, read our books and enjoyed the sun while it lasted. A perfect afternoon, in my opinion.
  3. Dale and Candy invited me over for dinner on Saturday night, and in typical fashion, it was delicious. Steak and pork fajitas, red pepper tamales, homemade pico and guacamole ... is there any wonder I keep showing up at their house? To say nothing of watching "Tropic Thunder" and laughing our fannies off. It was an ideal birthday-eve!
  4. Sunday morning was fun, because I share a birthday with Amber's boyfriend, Chris. The three of us went out for breakfast, and our server brought Chris and I a pancake with a candle in it. That, in addition to my delicious roasted vegetable skillet ... heaven!
  5. Sunday night I was in Aurora, at Millie, Eric and Andrea's place. Again with the delicious food! Can I just say ... potatoes in the smoker? I'm still dreaming of them. Anyhoo, Sunday was my actual birthday, and it was delightful to spend the evening around the fire pit with old friends, new friends and a completely relaxed atmosphere. I can't imagine a better way to cap off my birthday.
  6. Monday was a day spent with Dad and Mike. I'm not gonna lie - the whole weekend was pretty emotional, because there's a lot of baggage wrapped up in my birthday, but spending a day back home was the exact right thing to set my head and heart back on straight. There's something about being home, and being with my dad, that reminds me of who I am. It helps me make a lot more sense to myself. And the food there is also delicious. Turkey, sweet potatoes and sweet corn ... does it get any better than that?
  7. I hurt my knee in a new and different way on Friday, when I lifted my heavy bag to make my way to the car. It's in the back this time, and I can't straighten my leg. Which is, ya know, just great for a girl who is trying desperately not to interrupt the workout regimen. I'm gonna try to do the elliptical tonight instead of dance class. Hopefully that will be a little more predictable, and I can avoid further injury. Dammit.
  8. Sometimes it's really difficult to do what's best for myself. In the moment, ice cream sounds perfect. Blowing off my afternoon walk seems ideal. Throwing caution to the wind is intriguing. But I'm getting a little too old for that, at least if it hasn't been carefully planned.
  9. I love that my cat is always happy when I come home. Unless he is sick, he always greets me at the door. I know that this is because he wants to be either fed or held or both, but still, it's the sweetest thing.
  10. I had a horrible time sleeping last night. The wind was fierce, slamming against the little plastic accordion things that fill the space in the window that isn't filled by the air conditioner. So picture, if you will, a half-asleep Maggie rising from bed at 2 a.m. to yank the damn A/C out of the window. Yes, it happened. And I finally fell (and stayed) asleep.

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