Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, August 31

  1. I’m really fed up with dental insurance. My dentist left my plan and is no longer a preferred provider. I realize now that I should have asked before I made the appointment whether he was in my network, but damn, did it come as a surprise that my check up and cleaning were no longer 100 percent covered. Not even 50 percent covered. Ouch. Needless to say … I found a new dentist.
  2. Today someone said to me, “You look so nice today.” And I just said “Thank you!” No self-deprecating humor, no explanation of how wrong they are … just thank you. Aging divorcee learns new tricks.
  3. Speaking of divorces, my birthday is approaching, and you know what that means: the nine-year anniversary of the dumbest mistake of my life. Getting married on my birthday was a tactical error. Marrying Christopher was just plain stupid. Divorce is expensive because it is so very worth it.
  4. My friend Eric’s sister’s boyfriend makes really good pizza. From scratch, even the dough. It’s delicious.
  5. People occasionally make me stabby. Ignorant people, even more.
  6. So remember awhile ago when my phone crapped out and I was all ready to go iPhone? Yeah. Now the damn Blackberry is working fine, and I can’t justify the cost of changing something that works fine. Could someone please run over my phone?
  7. I am not a Blackhawks fan, but my nephew Alex is. This explains why I have signed both him and myself up for the Mad Dash to Madison, a 5k run (or walk, thank God) on September 18. The race is the kickoff for Blackhawks Training Camp Festival, and I think he and I will have an absolute blast.
  8. For those of you playing the at-home version of our game, that makes three active events in my life this year – Relay for Life, Muddy Buddy and Mad Dash. Next year, the goal is to comfortably run a 5k, sometime in the spring. It’s a whole new Maggie.
  9. There are moments throughout the course of any given day when I would give just about anything to be back home, snoozing in my comfy bed. This is one of those moments.
  10. I am kicking off Labor Day weekend in a most unusual and fun way – Fish Fry and a Flick on the Milwaukee lakefront. They’re showing Zombieland, and serving (duh) fried fish, plus they’re having a lobster boil. Yeah, I thought it sounded like a good idea, too. Wanna come along?

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