Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, August 3

  1. Gas is expensive. I'm learning this the hard way, as I'm driving a lot these days. Back and forth to Aurora twice a week for physical therapy isn't cheap. Thankfully, Rice-a-Roni is cheap! I can always cut the budget in some areas to make up for shortfalls in others. Aging divorcee learns new tricks!
  2. Yesterday was a wonderful day. Sure, there was the usual Monday work stuff, but after that I went to Physical Therapy, and then stopped at my dad's for a visit. I got to mooch a little dinner and hang out with Dad and Mike for a bit. Alex and Kathie had to run out to get Alex a pair of shower shoes before he leaves for camp on Thursday, and as I was saying goodbye, Alex told me he'd say goodbye to me when I came back after PT on Wednesday. So, I'll be making another trip to Dad's (which means mooching another dinner - see how the budget works out?) because Alex really seems to want me to. Nothing makes an Auntie feel better than knowing her shining light loves her back.
  3. After visiting Dad, I called my sister Jenn to tell her I really liked Bernie's potato salad. She politely informed me that she, not her husband, made the potato salad, and asked me to stop over at her house to pick up a yoga block she was holding for me. So I made my way into the woods ... and ensured myself that I would not need to buy produce any time soon. Potatoes, peppers and tomatoes, straight from the garden. I'm going to make the most delicious stuffed pepper when I get home from the gym tonight!
  4. To those who are tired of hearing it, I apologize, but I gotta say again - MUD. So much fun! And I've lost count of the mosquito bites. Yowza, getting up at the ass-crack of dawn makes you a veritable buffet for the nasty blood-suckers!
  5. This weekend is show weekend, and after that, a much-needed return to normalcy. Not complaining - I like being busy, and I'm having a blast - but it will be nice to settle down a little bit.
  6. I think I have a cold. Woke up this morning with a very dry throat, and I've been sneezing my fool head off. Here's hoping my voice is happy for the weekend!
  7. The best job in the world? Fairy Godmother. Not sure how to score that gig, but damn, that would be fun.
  8. My mind tends to wander, sometimes in the middle of the conversation. I'll be talking with someone about a vitally important topic and hey, did you see that butterfly?
  9. I am ready to upgrade my phone. My plan will allow me to upgrade. And yet, I wait. I'm going the iPhone route, after waiting several years to drink the Kool-Aid, but my (sad, pathetic) Blackberry still works fine. In the new financial reality that is my life, I simply cannot bring myself to upgrade simply because I can. Again, aging divorcee learns new tricks. Maybe a birthday gift, from me to me? That may be the best idea yet.
  10. Getting to the gym these last few weeks has been challenging, but I haven't missed a Tuesday night class. That feels good - making time to get there, even if it's just one night. I'm supplementing with near-daily walks with co-worker Lisa at lunch time, which serves a dual purpose. We get a little exercise in, and we return to the office sweaty, thereby keeping people from spending too much time with us in the afternoon. Win-win.

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