Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Update

I realize I'm not on Saturday Night Live, but it was a packed weekend, and I didn't want to try and stuff it all into a Ten on Tuesday post. So here's my Weekend Update!

Friday night, I stayed home and did laundry. (Seriously, do I know how to party or what?) Saturday morning should have meant gym time, but instead I found myself monitoring my cat's digestive habits. (Thank me now for sparing you the details.) It was late morning when he finally proved he didn't need to go see the vet, and I started packing to head North to Wisconsin. After cuddling Benld and telling him he's awesome, of course.

On my way to Lake Geneva, I stopped to have my oil changed and my tires rotated. Now, that may not sound like a big deal to you, but I always feel like I've made an accomplishment when I take care of my vehicle. It makes me happy, keeping el guapo happy. Soon, I was on my way again, pulling into Lake Geneva just in time to make my 2:30 appointment for a haircut. I loved coming into town and seeing the Ferris wheel on the lakefront - a sure sign that my favorite festival, Venetian Fest, was under way.

After the haircut, I drove over to Amber's house and unloaded my stuff from the car. We said our hells, and I grabbed her bike to ride back toward the lake. I wanted to spend my early evening reading and enjoying the beauty of my little hometown-away-from-home. I curled up on a blanket and watched the clouds go by as I read. It was heavenly.

Amber and I went to dinner at Champs, home of awesome burgers and garlic Parmesan fries. Then, there was little left to do but head home, shower, curl up and read some more before falling asleep.

We both woke up pretty early on Sunday, which made it possible to fit a lot of activity into one day. First on the agenda? Breakfast at Egg Harbor. Mere words cannot describe my lobster/asparagus/tomato fritatta. I would like a bit more of it right now, please. It was breakfast perfection.

There was time to get a few hours in at the pool, so we took our books and big glasses of water out and got our share of sun. The pool at Chez Amber is so pristine, I always feel like I'm at a posh resort. Divine!

After all that activity (laying in the sun can really take a lot out of ya!) we took naps. Seriously - I fell asleep so cozily, and slept for almost two hours! When we got up, it was time to primp and head to Tim's mom's house for his going away party.

This is me, with Tim. He's adorable. Love that guy; I'm gonna miss him.

Tim is returning to Korea to teach. He likes it there. He'll be gone for a year. I love his thirst for adventure! I also love that his mom threw him a great party. Lots of food and music and people who love Tim; is there any better send-off?

When we left Mary's house, we headed for the lakeshore to see the water ski show. So much fun! It's goofy, but I totally love it. We watched for about an hour, and then headed to the second party of the day, at David's. We ate his food and then walked back to the lakeshore to watch the fireworks.

So freaking pretty! The Venetian Fest fireworks are the best in the area. We "ooohed" and "ahhhhed" throughout the display, and (of course) missed Kelly. Although Amber, David, Gene and Julie are wonderful company, fireworks without Patrick and Kelly is just a little off. Not bad, just different.

Anyhoo, when the fireworks were over, it was time to head home. An hourlong drive at 10 p.m. on a school night might not sound like a good idea, but it was totally worth it! When I got home, I showered off the insect repellent and got into bed, falling almost immediately to sleep. Then when I got up this morning, I headed out the door a little early, so I could stop at the grocery store on the way into the office.

Breakfast and lunch for the whole week - check. Good attitude - check. Feeling like I've had an amazing weekend - check. All is right with my world.

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