Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 on Tuesday, August 24

  1. Four months from today is Christmas Eve. My favorite day of the year.
  2. I do not have good posture. I've been trying to hide behind myself for years, with the mistaken impression that sinking will make me disappear. It will not. It merely makes me look old and hunchy. Working on that. Shoulders back, head up ... smile.
  3. Paralysis. Again. I don't know why, but some times, I just can't bring myself to do things that need to be done. Case in point: before I posted this, I made myself call the orthopedic doc and my dentist to make appointments. I'm a few months overdue for the dental appointment, and I should have made the ortho appointment last week. I'm not sure why, but sometimes I struggle just getting stuff done. So here I am, keeping myself honest. For the record, I see the dentist tomorrow at 5:30, and the ortho guy on Thursday evening.
  4. It is not a mosque, and it is not at Ground Zero. Because of the surrounding architecture, you won't even see the cultural center from the area we continue to call Ground Zero. There are strip joints closer than the not-mosque. Just because people say things loudly does not mean they are true.
  5. A tortilla, a mound of yummy baby greens, some grilled chicken and a drizzle of honey mustard dressing. The perfect lunch, especially when work friend Lisa shares her red grapefruit. I didn't know red grapefruit was delicious. It is.
  6. Does anyone know why the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is shown on LOGO - the cable channel designed for lesbian and gay viewers? And furthermore, what's with "lesbian and gay"? Doesn't "gay" pretty much sum it up? Why is it necessary to have a special word for women?
  7. Last night I slept really hard, but in stages. Woke up at 2 with my eyes crusted over; fell back to sleep and woke again at 4. When the alarm went off at 6:18, I had once again fallen into that deep, yummy sleep. I'd rather have it over the whole night, but either way, I'll take it.
  8. I have made my Labor Day weekend plans! You guessed it - I'm returning to Lake Geneva. It's simple, it's close by, and I get to spend time on the water. Amber has promised to make me crab legs. Is it any wonder I keep going back?
  9. It took a long time, but I really like water. Other than my morning coffee and the occasional adult beverage, it's pretty much all I drink. Sometimes, for a treat, I have Diet Coke. So when I think that my road to becoming healthy is taking too long, I remember little victories like this. It matters.
  10. Got back from my lunchtime walk a little bit ago. We were chased by a skunk. Nope, not kidding. It was cute, and scared the bejabbers out of me.


Janie said...

I'm all caught up on appointments. I have a pedicure today at two . . . WHAT, doesn't that count? ;^)

Kimmy said...

I love you.