Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, September 21

  1. My knee is like a teenaged girl. You never know what you're gonna get. Some days, it's a real asshole, bitching every time I ask it to move. Others, it's completely compatible with my life. It's pissing me off, but I keep moving.
  2. I tried to keep moving at the gym tonight, but within the first hour of my workout - strength training class - the power went out four times. When they finally evacuated the cardio floor, many people stayed behind to see how long it would be before they opened everything up again. I, on the other hand, got into my car and drove right on home to have a little nummy dinner. I don't feel guilty - I made the effort to walk at lunchtime - and it just seemed like the right thing to do.
  3. I've been cheating on my blog. There's another, and you can find it here. I started blogging to follow my efforts to get all healtified. It's been helpful to have an outlet for the crazy. Read it if you wish, or just ignore it. No big.
  4. I totally loved doing the Blackhawks Training Camp Festival 5k with my nephew. Such a fun day! And no, I'm still not a hockey fan.
  5. Massage. Gimme. Now.
  6. I love thunderstorms. Tonight's was particularly gorgeous, because there was a little daylight happening, so you could see the clouds and the everything and the pretty. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
  7. I made chili over the weekend. Chili, with a little whole wheat macaroni, and homemade corn muffins. Sometimes, I am awesome.
  8. I received an email from an old friend's wife today. I've never met her (the wife, not the friend) but she sought me out to invite me to his birthday party. You never know when you'll be honored with such a request. I wish I could go - I can't, because A) no travel money and B) I'm actually busy that weekend, but one of these days I'll find myself with a raincheck, and I'll show up. How cool is that?
  9. I need to stretch more.
  10. I always wanted to be the girl people noticed when she walked into the room, because of her clear and undeniable beauty. I got half my wish: usually people notice me because I either fall down or laugh really loudly. It's me. I'll take it.

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