Sunday, August 7, 2011


Welcome to August 7, the end of what I have come to think of as the week in which the world I am confident and the world in which I am not collide. (A concept which, I must admit, I have stolen from the character Dana Whitaker from Sports Night. She's not using it anymore, so I borrow.)

July 31 was Muddy Buddy, my original athletic foray - the world in which I am not confident. August 6 brought the Summer Showcase with Liberty Town Productions, an annual revue which I've been fortunate to perform in now for two years running - the world in which I am confident.

Now that the second year of all that is in the books, I find myself strangely at peace. Each time I cross the finish line, each time I take a bow, those worlds collide a little bit. Being able to perform has made me a better runner, because I know how to fake it to make it. Being able to run a race has made me a better performer, because I have proven to myself that I am far more capable than I ever thought.

And the two pursuits together have left me so much more well-rounded. My world is bigger, because it isn't just about fitness or theater; like parents speak of their children, I love them both equally. What they've done for me as a person is immeasurable. But I must admit, my favorite part of either is finishing strong.

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