Monday, August 1, 2011

So far this summer ...

Okay, so today is the first day of August. We're officially in the "dog days" ... meaning, it's going to get hotter (not sure how, seeing as we've already hit the heat index of 110 for a few days running) and the season isn't ready to release its grip on us yet.

But some will soon begin to bemoan (see that alliteration there?) the ending of summer, what with kids returning to school and all. I say, no way; summer isn't over until September 21, and between now and then, there's lots of time to do what we love, whether it's porch sittin', al fresco dining, playing on the swings or rolling down a hill. No need to panic; you can still check a lot off your summer "to-do" list.

I'm a little proud to say that I've already checked a lot of things off of mine - some of which weren't even on the original list, but they would've been if I'd thought of it! Two months into the season, I have ...

  • Completed not one but two races that involved obstacles and mud.

  • Spent a day on a boat.

  • Spent several days at the pool. Any pool. Lovely.

  • Eaten sweet corn. And ribs.

  • Gone for a bike ride. Several bike rides. I love having a bike.

  • Spent an evening with my friends Dale and Candy, around a bonfire. (Same night I ate the corn and ribs. YUM.)

  • Reclined on the grass at the Grand Geneva resort and watched fireworks. Heaven!

  • Seen Harry Potter 7.2. Twice.

  • Been to Wrigley field for a Cubs game. (They won. Holler. And the hot dog was delicious.)

  • Enjoyed my favorite band, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, live.
There is more to be done. There is time to do it. So let's enjoy the rest of summer!

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