Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Opportunity and the way things sorta fall together

So, I have this bucket of time off to use by the end of the year. I'm taking the first week of December to go to Disney World with Dad. Then, friends called to ask if I can go to Six Flags next week Tuesday. Sure; I'll take a day off.

THEN, the opportunity to spend next Thursday on Lake Geneva with friends from out of town presented itself to me. Well, okay, I can do that; I'll take the day off. Yes, I'll be working every other day next week. Kind of a nifty schedule; a whole week where I don't work two days in a row? Sign me up.

THEN tonight after yoga, I was saying good night to the instructor, and she asked if she could give me her card. Sure, I said; I like her. She's awesome. THEN she tells me she's going to be teaching yoga in the mountains of Colorado in September ... would I like to go along?

Sweet Jesus, yes. But I'm also poor, so I'll need to decline. Granted, this is the sort of vacation I dream of. I've never been to Colorado, and I could go there and just be active, have this amazing opportunity to go outside myself and drink in a part of the country I've never seen. But no. Not this time.

THEN, she says, interestingly enough, I can do vacation for trade. Meaning, if I'm willing to do dishes and laundry, I can go. For free. All expenses paid.

So, we're talking. I need to fully understand what will be expected of me, and I need to be sure both sides will benefit from the arrangement. But from where I sit, I may be visiting Colorado this September, and I couldn't possibly be more excited about it.

Sometimes, things just fall into place. It's been a summer like that. I'm getting good at letting it flow.


Michelle said...

Hi Maggie! I've been awol with a busy Summer of my own. I'm happy to see you have good things flowing your way :) Interestingly, I had a trip to SF fall into my lap and am headed there next Tuesday morning. I've never been and I'm very much looking forward to playing tourist!

Maggie said...

MICHELLE!!! I've missed you! Welcome back. Still keeping my fingers crossed that this trip might happen. Glad you're enjoying your summer!