Thursday, June 5, 2008

Noche con Sabor a Oaxaca

A night of Oaxacan flavor ... no kidding!

Last night, I took Cute Birthday Brian to Fuego, my favorite restaurant, for the monthly pairing dinner. This month, it featured Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal, which is a nice way to say "you will be very full, and very drunk, at the end of the night."

The first course: Tamales de Pato. Duck carnitas tamales. So incredibly good. Served with the Del Maguey Margarita, fresh, delish and authencally simple.

Second course: Enchiladas de Pollo en Coloradito. Chicken enchiladas in one of their many moles, with roasted plantain. Plus, Margarita de Pepino, made with cucumber-infused mezcal and garnished with salt and chile powder. A savory margarita that made my senses tingle.

Entree: Medallones de Cerdo en Dos Moles. Perfect pork medallions in yet another pair of moles. Pardon me while I die and go to heaven. Served with La Colorada - Mezcal, orange liquor, lime and red grapefruit juice. Big wow. I could have it for breakfast.

Dessert: Nieve de Petalos de Rosa. Rose petal and champagne sorbet, drizzled with Crema de Mezcal. This delight to the palette was served with Crema de Oaxaca, an unbelievable mix of Crema de Mezcal, white chocolate and vanilla liquors, and strawberry puree ... garnished with a chocolate-dipped strawberry.

Factor in the shot of each mezcal we tasted before each course, and you'll have some idea as to why I woke with cobwebs in my head. But consider the delicious food and wonderful company I enjoyed and you'll have some idea as to why I'm eager to do it all again.


Anonymous said...


Now I'm hungry.

Why am I craving sliders?


mags said...

If you told me who you are, I could tell you why. But you keep secrets.

Damn you, anon.

monkeyhouse said...

OK - I was already craving food from this place, and Anon has to go and bring the Castle into this.

Some of us can't just drive up and buy Sliders whenever we want to. (Which is always.) I really wish you would think about my feelings before you go and start throwing around the "s-word."

Going through Slider withdrawl is a serious medical condition, and is not something to taken lightly. I try to trick my cravings by the freezer variety – but, like methadone, it's just not as good as the real thing.

maggie said...

19 get-ups 'til Sliders.

You can make it.

monkeyhouse said...

Getting ... shakes ...

maggie said...

Oooh, a chocolate shake with sliders would be delightful!