Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend at the Lake House

I truly needed to get my hair done. And do laundry. And eat one of Louie's mushroom cheeseburgers. And kidnap Kelly. So it was off to Lake Geneva for the weekend.

Picked up Kel on the way to karaoke on Friday. We danced and sang the night away, in celebration of Tim's birthday. He's funny when he's had a few too many. Wisconsin boy becomes Brooklyn tough guy in less than 15 seconds.

It was a beautiful night, so when we weren't singing, we sat out on the patio, offering ourselves up as a buffet to the mosquitoes. Flesh-eating bastards. But we made the best of it, and had a great time. Post-karaoke, I took Kelly with me back to Amber's, where we slept the sleep of angels. I didn't want to cuddle her, but she made me. She's so demanding.

Saturday was my appointment with Lea, so she could turn my tired hair into something resembling a good hair day. Mission accomplished. Then it was back to Amber's to do laundry and lay by the pool. The hungover birthday boy joined me poolside, and I have to tell you, it's most delightful to have someone to call Pablo and demand margaritas. It didn't work, mind you, but it was fun just to say it!

That night, I stayed in and went to sleep early. Girl needs her beauty sleep, you know! More laundry, mushroom burger, and more pool time.

Yes, I wore sunscreen.

This time, the Pell Lake Rathundes came along for chlorine-spiked fun, and eventually Amber came home and joined us, too. By the time Kelly arrived for her much-needed relaxation, the clouds were rolling in and it was time to head indoors. But what fun we had, snacking on everything edible in Amber's kitchen, playing games and just being family.

I was tired when I finally arrived home, but happy, too. It's always refreshing to surround yourself with love and sunshine for a couple of days.

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