Saturday, June 28, 2008

Optimistic reflections on a weekend

I love when stuff just turns out the way it's supposed to be.

Like when Amber's in Illinois for the weekend and in need of the perfect dress to wear to a wedding, and we find it. And I mean perfect. The girl is a knockout in her ugly robe. In this dress, hell, I practically threw her down on the floor of the dressing room. She is gorgeous in this dress.

Or when I go to visit my dad and not only mooch an afternoon of the washer and dryer, but also get pork chops on the grill.

Dad just got back from Hawaii, and he brought back each of us girls a pair of pearl earrings. Each of us have a different color - Jenn's are blue, signifying strength; Pat's are Golden, signifying loyalty; and mine? Mine are black, chosen for me because they signify adventure. Our sister Kathie chose them for us, and all this time I thought the last thing she wanted to accept in me was that spirit of adventure.

Turns out, she's okay with it. And so is Dad. As he put it, "They didn't have a pearl color that stood for 'wild-hearted free spirit,' so I thought that was the next best thing.

And then tonight I walked in the door, and The Boys were waiting expectantly, ready to shower me with kitty love and kisses. Life is good. Unless you're in Iowa.


monkeyhouse said...

Heh. I figured they signified your "black sheep" status. ;-)

maggie said...

Isn't that really what "adventurous" means?

Have you ever seen a white sheep have an adventure?

monkeyhouse said...

Only if the Serta mattress comercials count.

maggie said...


And, they don't.

I have only two words for you:




One is your present. One is your future. See? things are looking up!