Monday, June 2, 2008

Birthdays, art, and the condition of my scalp

I spent hours outside yesterday. The weather was perfect - sunny, just a few clouds, about 70 degrees. A great day to spend wandering around the Promenade of Art with Amber. We browsed to our hearts' content, enjoying beautifully crafted jewelry, paintings, photography ... you name it, the 150 artists participating in our little show had it. This is one of my favorite events in Arlington Heights. I love spending the day there.

So imagine how tickled I was to learn, about halfway through the day, that it was Amber's birthday! How fortunate was I to be able to spend it with her? We looked at everything, made a few purchases (ask Amber to wear that gorgeous necklace - it's stunning!), lingered over lunch at my favorite restaurant, sat by the fountain (and even put our feet in!) and just enjoyed the day. So much so that my scalp is a bit sunburned this morning. The curse of thin hair, I suppose.

Today is my Dad's birthday. There's 79 years of wisdom, humor and unconditional love wrapped up in the man. I don't care what anyone else believes - my daddy hung the moon just for me. So this is turning out to be one of those weeks when I'm just happy to be alive, and surrounded by people with whom I can celebrate. I'm so glad y'all got born!

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monkeyhouse said...

Happy birthday Glen-n!