Saturday, May 31, 2008

Drop and gimme 32

As of yesterday's weigh-in, I'm down 32 pounds. Compared to the total I have to lose, I'm just scratching the surface, but there are some significant changes going on in the old bod.

Most startling, for sure, when I catch my reflection. The girl looking back isn't the same girl who turned the calendar to 2008. She's ... leaner; prettier; healthier; more fun; happier; and yes, smaller.

This morning, I was standing in the studio waiting for salsa/funk class to begin when that realization started to wash over me. I looked tall and confident. Even with my freshly washed face and bed-head hair, the woman in the mirror was not mousy, frumpy or ugly. She was alive and she was ready to dance.

I hope I never forget that feeling of re-discovering myself. I think it's a gift we can give to ourselves.

Other gifts I'll enjoy this weekend include strolling through the Promenade of Art, which is happening just blocks from the penthouse here at the Palace, breakfast in bed (sans homemade scones, unless I make 'em myself!) and clean sheets. And honestly, isn't that a recipe for the perfect weekend?


Col said...

You go girl!!!

I am very proud of you, not just for the loss but for having the courage to walk into that gym and do it!!!

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

mags said...

Thanks Col. Little by little, I'm getting healthier. It's not always easy, but it is always worth it.