Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unanswerable Questions

Sometimes, they just hit me - things I wonder about that just can't be explained. For example:

Why does cat food smell so heinous? It's made of food things, but it smells like something decidedly unfoodly. It's nasty, yet The Boys love it.

Why do the gay boys always have perfect tushies? Not that no straight men do - hello, Nemo? But come on. I think the ratio of gay perfect booties to straight perfect booties is decidedly whack.

Why do I insist on using words like "whack?"

Where are those soft pink socks? They were perfect, and usually when I lose socks, I really just lose sock. But this is an entire pair, gone. Oh pink socks, how I miss you.

How did I manage to hurt my favorite muscles? You know, the inner thigh ones - the adductors, the ones that usually only hurt when you've had lots of good times in bed not sleeping. Well, I haven't had any of that, and I didn't feel like my hip-hop class really worked 'em, but today they are screaming. It kind of feels like I made lots of whoopie but don't remember it. Kinda makes me miss college.

There are more, but those are the biggies for tonight. I'll continue to ponder. You continue to be cute.

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jpb2525 said...

Cause gay men like to do pun intended!