Friday, May 9, 2008


So last night I'm at the gym. Should come as no surprise - these days, if I'm not at work or asleep (or sleeping at work) I'm usually at the gym. I'm doing the Thursday night Salsa/Funk class (where we dance salsa, we do not make dip) and having a blast. Two nights a week, I dance my ass off. Literally.

After class, my friend John (delightful fella with the most perfect hind end in captivity) says to me, "You haven't updated the blog lately. I checked." (He, by the way, has been hard at work updating his.)

Well, pardon me, blog stalker!

Which brings me to my need to post today.

I've settled into this routine that is dramatically un-routine. It goes something like this:

Do whatcha wanna do. Don't do whatcha don't wanna do. Sleep some, eat some, dance some, whenever you want.

And it's workin' for me. I'm enjoying my life, and all the people in it. What more could an aging divorcee ask for? Except, maybe, an actual divorce?

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