Friday, May 23, 2008

My own personal spa

It's Memorial Day weekend. Three blissful days that are - theoretically, anyway - all about me. I thought perhaps I might take a wee roadtrip this weekend, but the plan never quite came together, so home I stay. And home, it turns out, really isn't a bad place to be.

Work, for those of you who didn't know, has been giving me the old-fashioned ass-whooping over the last few weeks. The end is in sight - in a few weeks, the powerful people will be at Conference and my contributions will be final until the next crisis. But for now, I have three days stretching before me to do with as I please.

And I will please go to the gym. I will please give myself a pedicure. I will please wear sandals, even though it's really not warm enough. And I will please be grateful for the change of seasons, the love of good friends, for beautiful cups from which my morning coffee will be enjoyed (thank you, Early family) and for anyone who cares to grill me up a little love in the form of a burger or brat. I will drink green tea, wear comfortable clothing, and pretend I am at a swanky spa somewhere in the Berkshires.

So if you please, embrace the weekend and everything it will bring you, real or imaginary, and know that I am doing the same.


Tupperelf said...

Good news! You will also feel as if it is Christmas, for I predict a package of pretty plastic toys will be delivered to you today.

Let me know if there are any issues with these toys, as I, the "Tupperelf" can fix them.

mags said...

Oooh, I love the Tupperelf! Can't wait to receive my pretty plastic toys!

And for those of you reading this, no ... none of them require batteries. She's not that kind of elf.

monkeyhouse said...

Ha! Glad you clarified that Mags ... 'cause I was already starting to type as I read the second half of your comment! ;-)

Col said...

OOPS! I guess I should have been more specific. Sorry!

FYI, Mr. Monkeyhouse, those kinds of plastic toys are called B.O.B.

mags said...

Looks like some introductions are in order here.

Colleen, meet my brother, Mike, patriarch of the Monkey House in Tucson, AZ.

Mike, meet Col, tupperElf extraordinaire, mother of Chase and the voice I drive to Wisconsin to hear.

Shake hands. Be nice.

Love you guys!

Col said...

Nice to meet you.

You have a beautiful daughter, I have seen her in previous blog photos.

I hope you are having a nice holiday weekend in AZ.

maggie said...

Seriously, is Kaylee not the most precious beautiful baby girl in the universe? (Note that I said "baby girl," so as not to cause rivalry between her and Chase!) I love that child the way only an Aunt Maggie can love a child.

Got my shiny new plastic toys! Love them love them!

Anonymous said...

This weekend is Chocolate Fest 2008 in Burlington.

Pirates of the Chocolate Be'an can only be described in three words:


May you have many laughing, sunburned, aliens in your relaxing weekend also. :)

Col said...

Yes, she is adorable.

I am glad you are happy with your plastic.
Thanks again and keep enjoying your weekend.