Sunday, May 18, 2008

Feels like vacation

I had an amazing weekend. I would love to tell you all about it, but first I must address a topic close to the heart of the blog.

Anonymous readers get no bloggy love. You wanna be mentioned in the blog, ya gotta tell me who you are. And even then, I make no promises.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog.

I had a helluva week. Work's been kicking my ass of late, with deadlines looming and just general office politics that I just don't cope with well. So I took a mini-vaca.

Yes, I know ... that's Spanglish for "little cow."

Drove up to Wisconsin to enjoy some karaoke, stay with Amber, catch up on sleep, read, relax, and see "Carousel," which Team Rathunde directed in Elkhorn. First stop: Amber's house. Had to beautify before heading to the Tap.

Bar was crowded! Dale showed off his cool new lasers, and the singing began. We only got through a little more than two rotations, there were so many singers. Most of them were good. One of them was that creepy guy I won't call by name, because I like to pretend to be nice.

Being at the Tap is a warm, welcoming experience for me. It's nice to come back to a place and know I've been missed, even if it's just because I scratch Mike's back really well. Colleen even stopped down, to close out the tiniest Tupperware party ever (she is, after all, the TupperQueen!) She sang that song I love but can never remember the title of. My friends make great music, even if Tim Bogarted "Banditos." And let's face it - it's Tim. He can do pretty much anything he damn well pleases.

Libby was there! She doesn't make it out very often, so it was great to step out onto the dance floor with her. Angel only sang once, but she made it worth it with a little "Black Velvet." I got to catch up with Larry, lick Chris' bicep (hey, I had permission!), dance with Kelly and enjoy some liquid refreshment along the way.

When it was time to go (and poor Wendy really had a rough time getting us to vacate!) I wasn't quite ready to head for the hills, but I said my goodbyes and hit the road.

Saturday was perfect. Seriously, straight out of a movie script. Amber and I slept in, and then go dressed to head outside. We took a walk along Geneva Lake, via the path that runs between all the homes I can't even afford to look at and the lake. It is beautiful. I wish I'd had the energy to enjoy it a little longer, but these old bones aren't what they used to be, so we turned around after a half hour or so and headed back. We enjoyed breakfast at Egg Harbor out on the patio - there is nothing better in the world than dining al fresco! We decided it was not time yet to head back indoors, so we walked down by the beach, took off our shoes and laid down in the grass.

Do you have any idea how awesome it feels to have the sun on your skin after keeping it hidden (the sun, and your skin!) during the winter months? Amazing. Relaxing. That in and of itself was a treasure, but we had a soundtrack. A guy named Mike was playing guitar, and he came over for a bit and sat by us. He took requests! We heard Van Morrison, the Beatles, and some original stuff. We soaked up the warmth of the sun and the enjoyment of music being created just for us ... I can't speak for Amber, but I couldn't ask for more.

Rounding out the day, we went to see "Ironman." Great summer flick! Loved it. Nothing like a dark, brooding leading man to send me off to dreamland with happy thoughts.

Then today, we went to Chez Rathunde for brunch. Liz was home, and she made Eggs Benedict for all of us - and by "all of us," I mean a houseful! We had us a blast, on top of full bellies. Then it was time to head to the theater to see "Carousel."

I find I have to speak in monosyllables when I talk about the show. As in "Tim wow, want more." He was incredible as Jigger; the man lights up the stage. Or maybe it's just that thing I have for bad boys.

At any rate, it was a truly enjoyable afternoon, and I was sad to head home, and even sadder to realize that tomorrow I have to head back to work. The realization that a week from tomorrow we'll be observing Memorial Day makes it all worth it, though.

Here's to a great weekend! Hope yours was happy, too.


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Yeah, anonymous posters eat it. Wait ... d'oh!

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You do realize that you blogged about me anyway, right?

Feel the anonymous love....

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