Sunday, November 16, 2008


I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Needless to say, I am not feeling like my usually sparkling and delightful self ... but don't feel too bad for me.

Nah, I'm sitting in my somewhat clean apartment, drinking cinnamon tea laced with amaretto, toasty warm in my flannel jammies (no feet in them, but I'll survive) and thinking how much nicer it is to have a cold now than it was before.

Christopher didn't cope well with me when I was sick, so I sorta felt like I couldn't give in to it and just let it run its course. So now here I am, with a full box of Puffs and a stock of vitamins and cold medicines and cocoa mix and tea and booze and books and movies (I love my library!) and I'm perfectly content to feel better when it's time to feel better. For now, I'm just going to finish my tea and my movie, maybe take a little nap, and relish the ever-changing party we call life.


Janie said...

Enjoy your cold if you can. Thankfully I am fighting the last dregs of it. Nasty!

I took one set of pics, but the color is bad. The paraments are purple and the flash made them look bright pink. I will try again tomorrow when it is light outside and see if that helps.

Glad to be back. Love you.

Col said...

Sorry to hear you have a cold. How are you feeling now?? Don't forget Chicken Soup and Hot Totties are great Meds.