Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten on Whenever I Get Around To It

  1. Okay, I'm over having a good time with the illness. It's been four days; I'm done now. Please send a cure.
  2. Someone I know saw my ex and the woman who is now with my ex not too long ago and thought to herself, "Who is that man with Christopher?" At least I wake up every day next to an astonishingly handsome male, even if it is a cat.
  3. No jury in the world would convict me for tossing a toaster in the pool after the woman who "edited" my writing last week. From beautiful narrative to bulleted list ... how I love corporate journalism.
  4. I have an awesome new cellphone. Too bad it thinks I live in China. (James, maybe Camber could figure it out!) It was a gift from Shakespeare, who used to work for Motorola, and I swear it's the coolest phone outside the realm of iPod. I just have to try and have it configured to work in the U.S. I've felt like poop most of this week, so I haven't really tried, but when I do ... look out, world!
  5. When I first moved out of my parents' house, I lived in this great apartment in downtown Oswego, in the attic of a house that just oozed charm. It was perfect, except it didn't have a bathtub. I'm a bathtub girl, see, and every now and then, I need a long damn soak. I loved that old apartment, but not as much as I love my bathtub.
  6. Wouldn't it be cool if we could find a use for phlegm? Swear to God, if we could run a car off of the stuff, I could solve the energy crisis.
  7. I got a phone call this morning. Actually, I got a voicemail this morning, because I missed the call. Turns out the evil stepmother isn't so evil after all. Cindy called to check on me. Somehow, knowing people care help me feel better. Like when my sister sends an e-mail, or Kelly calls on break at work, or a co-worker brings me a cup of tea. Sometimes when we feel our lowest is when people lift us up.
  8. I love my sewing machine. Working on my Halloween costume was so much fun, and I think I'm actually getting comfortable with it. I may graduate to a project I actually want to use every day, and not just a costume. Janie would be so proud!
  9. I want cookies. Is it feed a cold, starve a fever, or the other way around?
  10. I miss my babies. I'm going to have to visit Alice after Team Bathje come home from Thanksgiving. Aunt Maggie has to have someone to squeeze!


jpb2525 said...

Im such a bad friend! I missed you in class monday - but glad you stayed home to take care of you! I hope you are recouperating well! I hope to see you Thursday (I will try to call - but as I am on the friggin phone all day - I really hate talking on the phone!)

Get well my sweet!

maggie said...

Aww ... don't make the stuffy-headed girl cry. It makes the sinuses worse!

Love you oodles, and I miss you terribly. I will try to be there tonight!

Janie said...

I AM so proud! I send happy sewing thoughts your way and if you need any help or tips from Oregon, just let me know.

I knew you wouldn't enjoy this nasty cold for the duration. It is just too awful! Hope you are better soon.

Chris and I have been exploring the possibilities of running a car on baby drool. It has many of the same properties as phlegm, but is much more prolific. We'll keep you posted on our progress!

monkeyhouse said...

Re: #3 - It's not just corporate journalism ... I'm sure my writers gripe about me the exact same way.