Saturday, November 15, 2008

They named a wine after me

When I became part of the Rathunde family, which honestly happened long before I married my ex and will remain long after, I became known as "the Other." There was already one Margaret in the family, and that was Kevin and Chris' mom, the Original Margaret. So I became the Other, and after we were married, I was the Other Margaret Rathunde. It's a term of endearment, something that never fails to make me smile.

So imagine my gleeful surprise to realize a wine had been named after me! What's more, it's delicious. And, um, gone.


Rae said...

the bottle picture reminds me of college... oh the fun we had ;)

mags said...

I thought the same thing!

We did have fun. Some of my very best times start with "So Rice, Rae, Shamie and I ..."

And the best part is that we're still making best times. Love you!