Friday, November 7, 2008

Ten from Tuesday on Friday

  1. On Tuesday, November 4, when I should have posted this entry, I was busy feeling stuff. I have not felt as moved and excited about the possibilities of our country since 1992. Yes, I realize that I am aging myself as I write, but when I cast my vote for Bill Clinton in his first bid for the White House, I felt like I was voting for my future. In 2008, I feel like I voted for my future, and that of so many others. Hope is indeed a precious commodity, and one worth striving for.
  2. Having voted early, I spent election day working and occasionally checking out election results. That night, I hopped on the Metra with my friend Shakespeare and joined the crowd in Grant Park in Chicago. History unfolded before my eyes. It was magical, spiritual and hopeful, all at the same time.
  3. My family thinks I was either adopted or switched at birth. With the exception of yours truly, I come from a long line of rather conservative folks. They blame my education at a liberal institution of higher learning, but if you remember back a bit further (do you remember, Stu?) I've always been much more left-leaning than them. The real difference, though, is I respect their position even while I don't understand it. They, on the other hand, can't seem to do the same. I find this to be a uniquely Republican trait, and anxiously await evidence to the contrary.
  4. Speaking of my family, we have agreed not to exchange gifts this Christmas. In my Happy Place, I am trying to believe this has more to do with the global economy than with everyone's knowledge of the fact that I am a complete financial bubblehead, and Christmas shopping only serves to create an even-less-sunny financial picture for yours truly.
  5. At the gym earlier this week, I borrowed Shakespeare's shampoo and conditioner. You should smell my head! I just want to hang out and sniff myself.
  6. I received a lot of amazing traits from my mother. My hair, my smile and my willingness to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger can all be traced back to Patricia Weston Bieritz. But of all the things I could receive from her, the one thing I didn't want was her gallbladder. Alas, I did not get to choose. Overnight on Wednesday, I experienced pain the likes of which I have never experienced. All I wanted to do was sleep, but all I could do was lie there and feel like I was going to die. As the minutes turned to hours, I tried to distract myself, tried to get comfortable, tried to will myself well. Nothing worked. So until further notice, the girl is on a very low-fat diet in an attempt to not go there ever again. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone, least of all me.
  7. I've started my holiday knitting. If you're getting a Christmas gift from me, there is a high degree of likelihood it will be knitted, or jewelry. Although my sister Jenn wants an afghan, and that might take up all my time between now and December 25. Sorry, everyone else.
  8. I am having breakfast with Cute Brian either Saturday or Sunday. I haven't hung out with him in awhile, and I'm really looking forward to it. Wonder what tastes good for breakfast and still fits in the "Don't wanna hurt from the gallbladder" diet.
  9. I really dig Facebook. It has become a place where my past and my present converge, and it's been amazing to catch up with people from college, my old theater days, and today. This week, I reconnected with my editor from the college newspaper and a few other "Newsers" ... it's gratifying to see who they've become, and that we are all still essentially the same rockin' cool people we were back then, only now we're a little bit older and a lot more responsible. For the most part.
  10. It's November. On my drive to work this morning, I stuck more to the side streets, and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Leaves have fallen in Arlington Heights, and everything is awash in the warm hues of autumn. I realize this season will soon give way to freezing temperatures and snow (maybe even as soon as Sunday!) but for now, I'm going to enjoy the moment.


Greatful said...


OK, here it is, the first review.


The class we took is called Zumba, it was up beat, fun and a little confusing. Even though I was out of step a bit(ok alot) it was still so much fun. Thanks for the push and vote of confidence. I am actually looking forward to going again.


maggie said...

AWESOME! You completely rock, whoever you are!

Keep going, have fun, keep moving even when you feel like you're tripping over yourself, and shake your groove thing! Isn't it amazing what your body will let you do?

Charlie/Dad said...

Low fat diets are no fun, as there is no such thing as a "tastes good" but low fat diet. Dry toast and water, dear. Take it from one who has been there. Ice cream put me down (literally)on the floor where Mike and Chunk insisted that I must be there to play. (Mom was at a ceramics class.)

I had the "classic" removal with a 4" or so incision. These days, it is same day surgery. Three small incisions, a tool to liquify the mess and to cauterize it, and a tube to suck it out. Very short recovery time.

Find someone that you know that has gone through this and talk to him/her.

maggid said...

Well, my CharlieDad, I think I may have already found someone who's been through it - YOU!

I'm finding this is much more common than I knew. The wife of a friend at work had hers removed a year ago, and there are a few others. We'll see how it goes and whether having it removed is a must-do. I'm not a fan of surgery unless it's absolutely necessary, but I promise you, if I'm looking at additional episodes like Wednesday night, surgery will quickly become a necessity!

Love you!

Col said...

Hey Mags,
I too am starting some holiday yarn work, I crochet. I was wondering where you buy your yarns. Do you have a cheap spot??

mags said...

Colleeny, dear, I go to Joann's, and I use every coupon I can get my hands on. Their prices seem pretty fair, and the coupons are usually good (available online and in the Sunday paper.) I don't know if you have Joann up there, though, so I would say shop around, sistah! Love you!

Col said...

I have a Joann's in Round Lake, not to far away. I will look into coupons.
Thanks for the tip.

Janie said...

For you yarn peoples, check out, their selection is unbelievable and prices reasonable. If you get on their email list they will send you sales info and or catalogs with good sales. I crochet as well

mags said...

Thank you Janie!!! What a great find; another facet of awesome that is Janie Early!

Becky said...

i hope you are feeling better! although i've never been there, matt has and based on how he felt i totally feel for you. his only advise, don't let someone who is playing an acoustic guitar sit next to you on the couch - whatever that means.

my SIL just had hers out not that long ago and her doctors made her wait until she got markedly worse before they were willing to take it out and unfortunately it's very common for them to do that. apparently doctors like to watch people suffer, go figure!

love you!

Becky said...

by the way, i also have your trader joe's bag (i'm assuming it's yours anyway, you or my MIL would be the only ppl who it could belong to and i know it's not hers) here at the house waiting for you to come visit. inside you will find your needles and the fabulous bamboo yarn you left as well.

maggie said...

Becky ... you're nuts. Someday you're gonna have to explain the whole guitar thing. But I can wait; I'm very patient.

Looks like I have a Trader Joe's knitting bag now, eh? Thanks for tucking it aside for me. I'll be down soon to rescue it! I love you sweetiepie!