Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. It's late, but if I write quickly, I may publish this one under the wire on Tuesday!
  2. Had dinner with an old friend tonight, whom I haven't seen in an entire high school graduate. (That's 17 years, for those of you playing the at-home version.) Over margaritas and various tortilla laden goodies, Eric and I caught each other up on everything from his adventure in New Mexico, his lovely wife and his work to my adventure in college and my seemingly endless supply of brothers who aren't really brothers. I came away from dinner once again reassured that I make more sense to myself when I spend time with people who loved me before I became who I am today, and love me today because of who I was back then.
  3. The cold has become just a nasty, pain-in-the-neck cough from hell. Soup helps, thank God.
  4. My mother-in-law had heart surgery today. She called while I was at dinner to say she's resting and working on healing. I'll be helping with that over the weekend; we're having a two-night slumber party. What could be better for the heart?
  5. After I fell down the stairs last week tripping over the cuff of my pants because my pants were falling off of me, I decided it was time to clean house. Which left me with one pair of pants. Which led me to buy a few pairs. I went to Old Navy, where I haven't been able to shop (except for the few stores that have big girl sizes) in about seven years. It felt good to buy pants that were three sizes smaller than the ones I donated to Goodwill. Have you seen my butt lately?
  6. Tomorrow after work (we get sprung early!) I am going to my dad's for the traditional Chinese pre-Thanksgiving dinner. I'm staying over so I can wake up there on Thanksgiving and watch the Macy's Parade with my brother and sister. Just like old times, only I'll be grown up enough to slip a little Bailey's in my coffee.
  7. One month until Christmas!
  8. Was it four years ago that Chris and I spent Thanksgiving in Tucson? That is one of my favorite memories - eating turkey outside, meeting Mike and Rae's friends, making new memories. Part of my heart is with you, celebrating Thanksgiving and Kaylee's birthday. Sometimes geography really bites, keeping me away from those I love at all corners of the world (or more specifically the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest and ... well, India. Curried turkey, anyone?)
  9. I had a fantastic workout last night, and while I really missed Shakespeare and John, it was wonderful to be back after what seemed like a never-ending illness. I probably worked too hard, but it felt damn good to get the body moving again.
  10. If you are reading this, there is a high degree of likelihood that I am grateful for you. For being my friend, for choosing me as part of your family, for loving me at my least lovable, for standing up with me and for me, for bolstering me when I am down, for providing me with angels to guide my path, for accepting me as I am, for offering to bump off those who hurt me ... because of those reasons and a myriad for which I cannot find words, I understand what Thanksgiving means.
  11. I did it! It's not quite midnight!


niftysunburn said...

no turkey

I think they said it's about Rs1000/kg

Chicken's gotten pretty expensive too. Maybe it will be a veg thanksgiving. Or maybe mutton.

I'm hoping veg.

maggie said...

James, it took me about a minute to figure out that Rs1000/kg was a cost measurement and not a chemical description. I need a decoder ring to talk to you!

Veg is always a good option, and as long as you're with good people, the food is really an afterthought. Hope it's a great day for you!

Dad said...

Mutton's not my favorite either.

Allen & Janetta said...


Allen said...

I swear...(amp) mysteriously appeared ??? I know, I know, proofread/preview next time...