Thursday, December 11, 2008

In a funk

Yeah, that's me. I'm in a funk. Maybe it's the snow, the barometric pressure, the fact that winter's here and stretches on ad infinitum ... I dunno what it is, but it's got me in its grasp and it's shaking me up.


So I'm trying to counteract it. I'm going to the gym even when I'd sincerely rather not. I'm trying to get a decent amount of sleep even though lately insomnia has been cuddling up to me a little too closely. I'm buying good, fresh, real food and preparing it myself (you should've seen last night's pork chop) and spending time doing what I love.

In short, I'm doing whatever I can to bring on the funkectomy. But until it's gone, bear with me.


Alissa said...

I have two words for you: LIGHT THERAPY. I take my Seasonal Affective Disorder very seriously (because my life would fall apart if I didn't) and light therapy has worked miracles. Lightboxes are expensive but if you have flexible healthcare spending, you can use that to pay for it. Plus, what's a couple hundred dollars if it means staying happy all winter?

maggie said...

Hmmm ... I honestly never considered that I might actually have SAD! You're pretty smart, ya know that? I will check out the lightboxes.

It doesn't hurt to know that we have a post-holiday knitfest to look forward to!

Thanks, Alissa (note that I care enough not to call you by your "other" name!) Your advice is both thoughtful and wise.

Alissa said...

I appreciate you calling me by my birth name and not my Maggie-given nickname :) I am SO looking forward to our knitfest because it will give me a chance to make something pretty for myself! I love my family and all but I am tired of making prettiness for everyone else! I want some pretty for ME!