Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Thanksgiving was delicious. Especially my sister Pat's pumpkin pie ... it is truly food of the gods.
  2. My cat quit pooping again. I have to take him to the vet in an hour. When will he learn that he won't get the enema if he will just stay hydrated and poop like a normal cat?
  3. A friend let me down late last week. It's no one who reads the blog (in fact, the individual in question may not be into English polysyllables at all) and I hesitate to air dirty laundry, so I'll just leave it at this - I was disappointed. But the reason I bring it up here is this because so many people have been in my life for so long, and have yet to disappoint me. I am humbled by the generosity of heart that my true friends show without question, every day.
  4. I'm not shopping. Unless it's to walk through Woodfield and be part of the crazy throngs of people, I am content to snuggle up at home with some cocoa and schnapps and knit my way through the Christmas season. Although now that I think of it, I do need to pick up some more yarn.
  5. I beat my friend Eric at Scrabble. He has pretty much handed me my ass on a platter during every other game we've played. I feel vindicated.
  6. Another old friend and I found each other on Facebook. Technology is an amazing thing! It has reunited me with theater folks, newsroom colleagues, people I've missed and people who have long seemed forgotten only to tug on my heart strings when they reappear on the page. I'm so thankful Al Gore invented the Internets.
  7. My landlord raised my rent. Not by much, and I'm really okay with it, because it is in line with what comparable properties rent for in my area. If only he could assure me that I would have heat when it's cold and hot water when I want it. We'll see how that conversation goes.
  8. I love the Christmas decorations in my neighborhood. There's a house down the road with a leg lamp in the window. No tree, nothing else Christmas-y, just a leg lamp. It cracks me up every time I drive by. The same house puts one up in October, too. Same lamp, but the leg is skeletal. Genius, I tell ya.
  9. I bought ingredients to make cookies last week, and I still haven't made them. Maybe tonight?
  10. I am eligible for an upgrade on my phone, and I would dearly love to go the iPhone route. Instead, I am saving my money for an airplane ticket to Tucson. Looking at the first weekend in February ... I can't go any longer than that without seeing three of my favorite people in the universe. And scorpions.


niftysunburn said...

Your comment about polysyllables immediately brought this to mind.


Check out the 5th panel down and the corresponding text. Hell, just read the whole damn article. For that matter, just read the whole series of articles. And if you're gonna go that far, just check out the entire site.

Of course, it's probably something Mike would enjoy more.

James "The Goddamn Batman" Rice

(Frank Miller's one crazy sumbitch.)

mags said...

I will read it, I promise, if only to bridge the gap between Illinois and India.

Love you, James!

Rae said...

February used to seem so far away, but it's right around the corner! Missing you.