Monday, December 29, 2008


For the first time in my adult life, New Year's Eve is approaching and I am not making the traditional resolution. For years I've been promising myself I will get healthy, take better care of myself and basically lose the excess weight. For the first time, I won't be starting over in January. Instead, I'm continuing what I began in 2008.

Even when I consider that I had all year and I still have work to do, it's a pretty incredible feeling. I don't have to begin an exercise routine; I get to continue doing all the things I love, with people I love. I don't have to pour over books and magazines and Web sites to figure out what I should be eating; I get to keep doing what I'm doing with that whole "everything in moderation" thing, being mindful - not obsessive - about what I eat. In short, I get to continue being the healthy person I sorta morphed into over the course of 2008, and improve on her progress.

Pretty amazing, really.

But it leaves me without a resolution! Is it possible to resolve not to resolve? Or should I resolve to make the bed every morning (which I do almost every day, anyway) or to save money for a new car (which I desperately need but managing money has always been something that eludes me so it scares me) or to be a better sister/daughter/friend/writer/person/wookie?

I don't know the answer. I think the best news is that I don't really have to. Really, if I simply resolve to try and make the best of every gorgeous moment 2009 brings me ... isn't that enough?


Shakespeare said...

Why don't you resolve to love yourself even MORE?

schmags said...

How about this: I resolve that every time I feel insecure to feel AWESOME instead?

Shakespeare said...

YEAH! Feel awesome instead. On a scale from 10 to Awesome.