Friday, August 3, 2007

big bang theory, my ass

I don't mean to get all philosophical on ya. I'm a very live-and-let-live sort of person when it comes to belief, and I've been known to be a buffet believer myself. I'll take a little of this religion and a little of that religion and just be comfortable in the faith that there is something greater than I.

I felt it really strongly on the Sunrise Summit of Mt. Rainier on September 5, 2002. You cannot witness the beauty of being halfway up a mountain and not know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is not just a happy accident. The majesty of our world has to have been more.

And then, I get phone calls like the one I just got. My sister Pat called. "You're not a match for Jenn" she said. My sister Jennifer has leukemia, and has been searching for a bone marrow match for the inevitable transplant. I was sure I would be a match.

I'm not a match. But my brother is. My twin brother. My womb-mate. Michael is a match. Michael who has never taken a step in his life. Michael who has spent 40+ years with cerebral palsy. Michael who has done nothing but bring joy to the lives of everyone he touches.

Michael is a match. Because Michael lives, so too will my sister. My brother, whose limbs are twisted and whose speech is sketchy and whose muscles don't communicate with his brain, will make it possible for my sister to continue to walk, to run, to live.

I've always thought Michael's purpose was to make people laugh, to remind them that life is not something to be taken so seriously. It turns out that he has another purpose, as well. Michael is here to bring new life into the fear we know as cancer.

There is indeed a plan.


The Kelly said...

It is not nice to make the Kelly cry.

That is just wonderful.

And fitting.

Yay God!

And Michael.

relieved said...

Yes, Margaret, I have a soul...

I am so happy for your sister and the plan.

mags said...

it's surreal and wonderful and some of my favorite people.

i love you guys.

Col said...

Margot, what a wonderful gift.

Yeah Michael, Yeah God and Yeah Mags for seeing the bigger bicture and sharing it with others so we can see it too.

Everyone has a purpose sadly some don't get to know what there's is. Your family has been given a most special gift.

Thank you for sharing...

Best of luck to your sister.

mags said...

Thanks, everybody. It means so much to share with the people I love.