Monday, August 6, 2007

Honk if you love ducks

Last Saturday and Sunday, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the Lake Geneva Rathundes in "Honk", the musical based on The Ugly Duckling. Yes, twice. Saturday night with Patrick and Ed, and Sunday with Marge.

It was no surprise that Patrick and Ed were late getting to Lake Geneva on Saturday. They were coming from Chicago, and there's traffic and...well, it's Patrick. We went to Tempura House for dinner beforehand, and the sushi was delightful, but the rest of the meal left a little something to be desired. I think next time we'll stick with the sushi.

We went to the show, and made it after the tacky speech in the beginning but before the curtain. Perfect timing! The show was great. We laughed, sometimes appropriately. And we were touched by Kelly's performance. She shines in this role...I was so proud.

After the show, we went to Mars for a few cocktails and great music. Joy was at the piano, of course, and we all sang a tune or two. Except Ed. He's not a singer. Kelly did "Adelaide's Lament," because she loves me. I did "I Don't Know How to Love Him," because I love it. I asked Patrick to sing "Love Changes Everything," and he said he couldn't because he was sick but he did, because he loves me. I almost cried. ALMOST.

We had a few drinks, sang a bit more, visited with friends. It was a most relaxing evening. Patrick and I sang "All I Ask of You" before he had to head home for the night, and we almost made me cry. I love singing with him, and I don't do it often enough.

I was thirsty and tired by the time we headed for home. Kevin dropped Kelly & I off so we didn't have to walk from the parking lot, because he loves us.

Bedtime. I was pooped. Evidently even moreso than I thought, because I slept until 12:42 p.m. on Sunday. I woke with a start because I thought the show started at 2:00...thank heaven I was wrong, it was a 3:00 curtain. WHEW!

Lunch, brush teeth, get packed, get dressed, say goodbye (don't forget Kim!) and get out the door. We walked out of the apartment into the steam bath that was Lake Geneva. HOLY MOLY! I don't remember humidity quite like that. I like summer...and this was a bit much.

The show was even better Sunday than it was on Saturday. Drew sat with Marge and I, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show. It's wonderful to have a talented family.

After the show, I said my goodbyes and headed for home. I could hardly wait to get there, because it was hot and sticky and The Boys were up on the third floor wearing fur coats and I was bringing the remedy - an air conditioner! Thanks to Dale, I have now entered the realm of people who don't melt. It ain't perfect, but it more than takes the edge off. I slept in the living room last night, just so I could be close to the cool air.

So to recap:

  • I love Kelly because she's The Kelly, and she continues to surprise me with her talent
  • I love Kevin because he's my brother (just ask Gene) and he makes me laugh
  • I love Kim because she shares cheese, metaphoric and otherwise
  • I love Marge because she's a great mother-out-law and makes community theater fun
  • I love "my" kids because they make me feel like the greatest aunt ever
  • I love Patrick because he fills my heart with all the good stuff
  • I love Ed because he loves me back
  • I love Dale because my apartment is cool


Auntie kMimi said...

I loved it on Saturday morning and I use the term "morning" loosely when Aunt Mags and Kristofer were having "alone time" and they asked me if I wanted to join them.

I so wanted to ditch work and have some Aunt Mags and Kristofer alone time, please know how hard it was to walk out the door!

Just thought you'd like to know that was my favorite moment of the weekend.

mad said...

And dammit, I wanted to see Kelly in this play.

aunt margot said...

Oooh...that was so sweet! I loved having "alone time" with my little buddy...those are the special moments that make being an aunt the best job in the world!

And you should just know, Kelly was amazing and beautiful and she quacked me up!