Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Don't you wish you had my job?

I'm not working this afternoon. The office is closed for an Employee Appreciation Event, and I'm an employee so I get to go. To Dave & Buster's to play games and eat terrific food and play more games and relax and have fun.

I was going to take Friday as a vacation day, but the office is closed because we're moving to a new location and the IT geeks need the office empty to "deploy the programming necessary to facilitate the move".

I really think they just like using words like "deploy", but I'm not gonna argue.

I'm gonna try and kick my friend Ryan's ass in Crazy Taxi.

And no, Kelly, he's not an actual friend, he's a work friend, because I don't make friends at work.


Anonymous said...

Geez, too bad your'e having such a hard day, Margaret...I so far have had a drink at The Honey Lake Inn and The Brass door, stopped by Candy's for breakfast at 1PM and now I'm going to Coaches, Benders, and Bobby Rockets to have drinks and drop off flyers....Then off to Venetian to see Hobie and who knows where on the way home - ALL 100% tax deductible business expenses, including the mileage and the costs of said drinks and gratuities (that's IF I have to pay for them)... Tomorrow, paid to drink while evryone else sings, Friday Ditto, Saturday ditto....Other than a blinking "Check Liver" light and a propensity to carry a camera so as to retain memories, I guess id never trade my life of toil and strife for easy street no matter what! Have fun at the event!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

At least my electricity stayed on.

the Other Anonymous

ps: bite me hard