Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The serious art of having fun

When I was with Stuart, every Christmas he asked me what I wanted. Every Christmas, I asked him to take me to the Nutcracker. Every year, he said he would. Every year, I looked forward to it.

We never went.

When I was with Christopher, every summer we planned to do crazy summer stuff. Go on picnics. See the Tall Ships at Navy Pier. Camp in the Grand Canyon. Go to a demolition derby ... and a tractor pull ... maybe even a rodeo.

We never went.

I'm not saying this is his fault. (But I am saying not taking me to the Nutcracker was Stu's fault. The pig.) I'm saying there are things I have wanted to do for practically all my adult life, and I've just not gotten around to them.

Thankfully, there's a lot of summer left this year. And I'm gonna do my damndest to fit some of this stuff in. Even if it takes effort. Even if I have to do it alone. It's my summer, dammit. Time to get serious about having fun.


I have a day off! said...

Hey, want to have serious fun with me on Sunday?

I don't have to work and I don't have any plans...

What should we do? Hiking? Beach? Scrabble? Karaoke games?

The Liar's Club in Burlington (yes, it's a real group) have a "Tall Tale Trail" and you can go on a walking tour of Burlington and read silly vignettes. That sounds like it might be fun...maybe just the company will be fun, but let's do something!

I'll take pictures. :)

Margot said...

um, I can't. At least I don't think I can.

Dad's on vacation and I told The Sisters I would come spend the day with Mike.

BUT...it's possible I could take a night next week. And I'm supposed to make the effort to have fun, right? It's summer!!!

Remind me...I'll see what I can do.

And if this is Kim, aren't you supposed to be working at AVMT?

dumbass said...

Yeah, just call me dumbass. Thought because I had the "day off" at one job that I wasn't working...

Ahhh, luxuries like a day off...

mags said...

Yes, but you're MY dumbass. So ya got that goin' for ya.

Which is nice.