Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poverty and optimism in the life of your friend Margaret

So Frank called a little while ago. Frank's the guy who runs the shop where Craig, the Jeep, is being repaired.

Everyone, let's wave goodbye to my money.

Bye bye, money ... I will miss you.

Frank and the boys will be replacing my leaky water pump and leaky radiator (because when it rains it pours) and replacing some hoses and cleaning some stuff and oh, by the way, why not change the oil while the car is there. Thanks, that's great.

$800-ish later, I will have a car that runs. Ouch, you might say, but not me. No, I'm just happy that I have the money to have it fixed. A little over a year ago, I wouldn't have been able to. So instead of crying because I'm poor, I'm going to be happy that I can scrape together the money to pay for it. Sure, I'll be eating Ramen for the next two weeks, but what the hell ... it's only money, right?

And really, money is only good for the things it allows us to have - food, shelter, clothing (yes, Kelly, we do need clothing,) transportation and a little entertainment along the way.

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