Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today, it's easy to smile. The sun is shining, the snow is beautiful, there is no negative wind-chill ... life is good.

The view from my office window. The building across the street is the Market Day distribution center. Makes me hunger for packaged food.

So why else am I smiling? That's easy:

Spring is two months away. Just around the corner, the thermometer starts going in the good direction. Soon, the Cubs will begin spring training and mittens will become a distant memory.

There will be chicken and dumplings in the crockpot when I get home. Two of my favorite things left behind when Christopher left (other than, well, ME) are the crockpot and the recipe for chicken and dumplings. I can hardly wait to get home.

My boots are both warm and cute. Warm is necessary; cute is a bonus.

In a few weeks, I get to play in the snow with some of my favorite people. I'm going tubing!

Craig runs! That's my car's name, and he sounds so happy when I start the ignition. This morning, I got to hear him growl in four-wheel drive, as if he was saying, "Hey, you in the minivan! Get out of my way!"

So what's making you smile today?


vized06 said...

Making me smile: Pushgetti Face.

maggie said...

Pushgetti face? Are we having pushgetti for dinner?

Kristofer's Mom said...

I think Pushgetti face is the best! followed very closely by oreo face though!Now that is Fun!

vized06 said...

Pushgetti Face is where our blogs intersect today Maggie ... err ... yesterday.


Go look at the cute picture of my kid.

maggie said...

I LOVE pushgetti face! And now, oddly, I'm craving Italian food.

Kelly, wtf were you doing online at 6:26 a.m.?