Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I miss my calling?

Every time Shakespeare is at my house, she tells me how pretty my makeup is. Not on my face, no; in the basket on the back of the toilet. So I shouldn't be surprised, should I, that when she left her makeup bag at work and was going out for the evening, that I got called upon to tap into my artistic side and make a gorgeous girl even moreso.

I can't paint or draw, but give me a face and I can make magic! Of course, it doesn't hurt when you start out with a beautiful canvas. We had a little lunch, and then got to work.

Homemade cornbread and Shakespeare.

She chose the eyeliner color that most closely matched the scar on the back of my hand.

The beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. The look we went for was "natural, but better."

It totally works for her! Her eyes are just crazy beautiful.

Me and my dear friend.
And yeah, I am completely aware that my head
looks twice the size of hers. And I don't care.


niftysunburn said...

'And yeah, I am completely aware that my head
looks twice the size of hers. And I don't care.'

More than just looks it.

maggie said...

Love you, James.

Not sure why, but I do.

Shakespeare said...

YAY!! Love you! You are so awesome for choosing awesome, and I love the size of your head. It's the perfect Maggie-sized head.

jpb2525 said...

I love this picture! I love you both! Maggie - your head is delightful! Take care of that leg - and we are on for Salsa-funk and Hip-hop on Saturday....its a date (maybe we can do lunch?)

maggie said...

John, Lovely John!

Saturday plans sound great! Not sure I can do lunch (waiting for rest-of-weekend plans to fall into place) but I will see you for class!

Love you!