Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Acts of Fitness

I went to the gym tonight. My soul got a workout before I made it up to the cardio floor.

In the locker room, I heard a woman mutter, "dammit, I forgot my socks." Now, I keep my gym bag stocked with extra socks because that particular malady has struck me on many occasions. So I grabbed my spare pair (clean, of course) and handed them to her. "Have a good workout," I said. She wanted to know if she could pay me for them. Can you put a price on being in the right place at the right time with the exact thing someone needs to make life better in that moment? Nope, I don't think so.

Did my 45 minutes on the elliptical (Laurel wasn't teaching HipHop tonight) and then tried for an hour of Salsa/Funk. Halfway through the class I either my gallbladder started talking to me or I got another form of stomach ache that wasn't going away, so I headed out.

In the locker room I ran into my friend Liz. After trading pleasantries (How ya doin? I'm fine ...) Liz finally told the truth. "Actually, I feel like crap. I can't get back in the groove and I'm still wearing Christmas."

Well, Liz, I told her, you could keep thinking that. Or you can remind yourself that you're here, now. You've finished your workout for the day, and it's only Monday - there's a whole week ahead of you.

She smiled and thanked me. It was time for Tough Love.

"Now, get your head out of your ass," I told her. "You know what it takes - eat less, move more. Just do it. You're worth it." She teared up a little, hugged me and told me she was glad I was there, because that was just what she needed to hear.

So maybe I was meant to miss part of class so I could be there for Liz. Maybe my clean socks were meant to make a stranger's workout possible. Or maybe those women were there to remind me that when I show up, it's a good thing all around.

Post script shout-out to John: I'm fine! I was fine about an hour after I got home. No worries, dear friend, and I look forward to dancing on Wednesday and Thursday!

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