Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday that remained unfinished until Wednesday

  1. I really love having Monday off. Somehow, when the first day of the workweek is Tuesday, it's not so tough to take.
  2. That being said, what it means in reality is that I have five days of work and only two days to do it, but it's worth it.
  3. I'm coming down with a case of the nasties. Stuffed-up nose, scratchy throat, general feeling of blech. But other than that, I am absolutely fine. At least, health-wise, I'm fine. I may be a bundle of emotional craziness, I may need guidance in many areas of my life, but I have my health. Hear that, Brian?
  4. Speaking of my health, Shakespeare's back for Monday night classes! We get to dance our collective booties off in Hip-Hop and Salsa/Funk. It's awesome. Two dances in Hip-Hop, both were a blast (and my shoulders talked to me about them today.) As always, Salsa is the best thing I can do for myself. Donna, the instructor, just pours her soul into the class. She's amazing. Someday, I will kick like her.
  5. Two additional guinea pigs have discovered the wonder that is my cinnamon rolls. Eric and Cute Brian have discovered that the love is just as important as the cinnamon. Depending on the mood of the person enjoying them, my cinnamon rolls can provide comfort, express love, fill an empty tummy, encourage an aching soul and make a rough day better. Really.
  6. As usual, I'm late to the technology party. Ryan at the office introduced me to Pandora awhile back, and I just really started using it. I love it! Don't know what Pandora is? Go here and check it out. You pretty much tell it what music you like, and it will set up a station for you. I've found some great stuff through their suggestions.
  7. No matter how much great new music I find, I always go back to Joni Mitchell, eventually.
  8. Good friends and food are an unbeatable combination.
  9. Sometimes, moving forward in life is like swimming in pudding. It's slow going, and sometimes you have to just stand still and catch your breath, but you have to keep moving forward. Obstacles are but opportunities to amaze yourself.
  10. One of my dear friends (and you know who you are) is going through a rough patch right now, handling some pretty serious stuff with people in his/her life. Life has a pretty scary way of helping us align our priorities with our values sometimes, forcing us to focus on what's really important and reminding us of what that is. It's difficult. It's scary. It ain't no walk in the park. But I love you all the time, I'm here for you whenever you need me, and I'll be the one to tend to your needs while you tend to everyone else's. Because you've done it for me countless times, and its an honor and a privilege to return the favor.

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