Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ten on Obviously I Didn't Get to it on Tuesday

  1. I am so excited that we (and by "we" I mean "I" but I'm happy to share) get to see James this summer. Unexpected and wonderful and hot damn.
  2. I found a simple cardigan sweater pattern so I can knit Izzabutt a sweater to go with her hat and booties. I have just over 80 days to accomplish this. I'm a little nervous.
  3. I got really sick at the gym on Monday and had to leave class. I hated being sick. I loved that John worried about me and called to check up on me. It's good to know that if I had a tragic accident, someone would probably miss me before my rotting corpse started to smell.
  4. I am running a 5K. On April 4. That means I need to start training pretty much yesterday. (It also means I need to invest in a really good sports bra or I'm gonna hurt something.) I can do this. The running, not the bra; the bra part's easy. Determination, thy name is Maggie.
  5. I'm a little bit hooked on Vitamin Water. I know it has very little nutritional value, I know I'd be better off just taking my damned multivitamin every day, I know I know I know. But they sucker me in with their clever writing. It makes me smile. For $1.59 a bottle. I gotta find cheaper smiles.
  6. Tucson ... just a few days until Tucson. There's rain in the forecast and I don't care, because two of my favorite ladies in the universe will be there. I predict we will read books, watch fishy movies, shop for a little yarn, and have lots of hugs.
  7. I've been sleeping weird lately. Like all over the place weird. Not like go to sleep in bed wake up in the tub, but go to sleep with my head here and wake up with it there. It's odd. Plus, when I wake up the sheets are a mess, and I swear to Bob I'm in there alone. At least I'm not sleepwalking. That I know of.
  8. The cat pooped. For those of you who have been around for any of the various Constipation Fests, you know that sometimes this event doesn't come naturally for my big stupid furry roommate. There was much rejoicing.
  9. The Black Angus Jalepeno burgers in the freezer case at Aldi? Seriously good. I dream of them. Maybe that explains the weird sleep pattern.
  10. I'm getting a really bad case of cabin fever. As Cute Brian said earlier this week, "The sun is shining. The temps are rising. And good tunes have been playing on my iPod." Makes it hard to handle the fact that the little furry bastard from Punxsutawney saw his freakin' shadow. Screw you, Phil. I'm not putting up with six more weeks of winter. I demand a recount.

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Col said...

Hi Maggie,
I was at Jewel tonight and while they are usually very high priced, this week Vitamin waters are 10 for $10.