Sunday, February 1, 2009

These friends of mine

Somewhere between my first glass of Jameson's Friday night and my burger and fries Saturday afternoon, it occurred to me that never in my adult life have I had a group of female friends whose company I enjoy this much. Shakespeare, Kelly, Amber and I are the perfect quartet of crazy. We go together like ramalamalamakadingadadingadong. Wherever we are, there is riveting conversation and a whole lot of love.
Shakespeare wonders, should I go without the hat?
Or should I throw caution to the wind and wear the doggone thing?
Amber with the cute guy. And yeah, he knew he was cute.
Shakespeare sings.
Amber and Kelly.
I know it's a funky angle and it looks like I'm taking a picture of that guy's booty,
but I really love Kelly's smile here.

It's a miracle - a picture of me I actually like! Do I look like this in real life?
Washed out and blurry. Yep, it's just another Friday night.
I love Kelly in the background here, clapping but really not paying attention.

No matter what angle you see this from, it's interesting. And weird. And cute.
I'm trying to look innocent. Shakespeare thinks that's funny.
The four of us.

Dancing the night away. I love the movement in this shot.

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