Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Because I care

I annoy, because I care
I nag, because I care
I cuddle, because I care
I keep asking you what's wrong, because I care
I can't stop caring about you, because I care
I worry, because I care
I bake cookies, because I care
I piss you off, because I care
I miss you, because I care


sniff said...

I care even when you don't.

double sniff said...

I care especially when you don't.

The tissue said...

Well to care is a very special emotion. If you are cared for or are the giver of care you are loved.

Roses are red, Violets are blue
You care for me and I care for you...

Maggie is... said...

I smell great, like a car that's new...

col said...

okee dokee it ain't hokey,
Lets all go do Karaoke.

poet and didn't know it said...

What should we sing?
What should we do?
Shirley Temple or Scooby Doo?

mags said...

Kim should sing "HQ's got a Gun"
And I'll do "I'm the Only One"
"Landslide" by Dixie Chicks...and Colleen
Nothing by Skittles (because I'm just mean)

paid full price plus shipping said...

So Kim sang HQ has a gun and I sang Landslide, but you did not sing with us.....

ok you are forgiven, if I can get some less expensive Jewelry...

maggie may...or may not said...

I can totally hook you up, honeybabysweetiepie! See you tonight?

Col said...

Awesome, I love the jewelry. As for this evening, I am not sure yet. Have to see what is up with the family first.
Have a good time if I don't see you.

mags said...

u have to show up to get hooked up wit da jules

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know it's not a crime,
but aren't they stuposted to rhyme?

jewelry queen said...

sparkly things hang from your ears
if you'll just buy me a couple of beers

how's that?

jewelry begger said...

Beer you want
Beer you say
Let's go drink some Beer today.

Shots for you
Shots for me
Let's do Shots 1..2..3...

Beer Whiskey even Wine
Let's get drunk so we can rhyme.

Dr. Seuss I'm not... said...

What rhymes with necklace?
What rhymes with rings?

I can't get the hang of these rhyming things.

I want a bracelet.
I want some bling.

Is this how we freakin' do this thing?

One Tequila
Two Tequila
Red Tequila
Blue Tequila

Miller Beer.
Miller Beer.
Miller Beer.
Beer in the morning, beer at night.

Pub on Thursday
Tap on Friday
Bring me some jewelry and your tab goes my way.

Okay now that I have the hang of this, Mama Mia.

How do I end it and get me some Lia Sophia?

Maggie is... said...

A Haiku:

your wish for new gems
is my command dear friend
wait two weeks now please

Col said...

ditto to dr suess, I wish I would have come up with that one.
the jewelry fairy emailed me and I feel some bling in my future....

jewelry fairy said...

OOOH, colleeny! How lucky are you?