Friday, July 20, 2007

Brush with really really short greatness

I have never felt so fortunate to have been pissed off.

This afternoon, someone who shall remain nameless pissed me off, big time. What's the easiest way to get on my bad side? Pick on one of my little peeps...and by that, I don't mean the marshmallow kind. My little peeps were shouldering the brunt of someone's uncontrollable temper, so I lashed back...and then, being the happy adult I am, I very gently stormed out.

I took a walk. Spending time looking out at the lake always soothes my soul. Headed back toward home, but figured I'd stop at the Market to say "hi" to Kim (who wasn't there anymore) and get a diet Coke. Left the Market and headed back around the block toward home.

As I turned the corner, I saw a very striking, very petite woman. Long brown hair in pigtails, jeans, brown t-shirt, white hoodie. Walking with her husband and what I'm guessing is a daughter. I thought to myself, my goodness, that woman looks just like Martina McBride.

And then, the old mental wheels started to turn. She's playing Country Thunder tonight; we're only about 20 minutes from Twin Lakes, site of Country Thunder...seriously, Margaret, you just walked past Martina Mcbride.

Slowly I turned..."Excuse me?" I said. She turned and looked up at me. Seriously, up...I practically tower over her. "Do people often tell you that you look a lot like Martina McBride?" She smiled at me and said, "Yeah, I get that a lot." Then, because I'm brilliant and I think really fast, I said, "In 1993, when you were up on stage and I was down in the audience, you looked a lot taller." She smiled, maybe even laughed a little. "Have a great show tonight," I said. She smiled, said thank you, and continued on her way.

I hope she and her family enjoyed a bit of anonymity in this small Wisconsin tourist town. I hope everyone who recognized her treated her graciously and allowed her to be just a tourist. And I wish I'd taken a shower. It never fails - when my hair's a mess, my clothes are dirty and I look like something the cat dragged in, I will rush headlong into a scenario in which I wish I'd primped a little.

Gotta hit the shower now.

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