Monday, September 17, 2007

Just a quicky

Kelly doesn't like it when I go days without blogging, so I figured I'd better drop by for a quick visit.

No earth-shattering news from Maggie's World. Toiling away at work, looking forward to fall (the maple tree outside my window is going to be so pretty when it changes color) and making time to take care of myself are the top priorities in my life these days.

I joined a gym, which incidentally has an Aveda spa inside it. So, Kel ... am I to assume you'll visit me sometime soon?

Shamie's back from his vacation, volunteering down on the Gulf Coast. As near as I can tell, it did not save his immortal soul from the eternal fires of hell, but he did get a new tattoo.

I'm still sitting on a ball at the office and it really has done wonders for my posture already.

I got confused today and told someone I was 42. I've been "lying up" for so long, I honestly don't remember my age anymore.

Other than that, it's business as usual in my world.

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