Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Technical difficulties

I'm sitting on my ball. That's the one good thing in my world today.

So much of the magic that is my job happens on Ivan. That's what I call my computer. It's short for "Ivan the Terrible."

It should be noted that it's not really the computer's fault. Between our IT department (run by a hunky yet helpless individual named, appropriately, Christopher) and the company that hosts our Internet services, I am swinging madly at the end of my rapidly fraying rope.

I'm gonna need more coffee, a large brick wall against which to bang my head, and a big margarita. Just drop them off in the lobby.


Anonymous said...

One carafe of the best coffee ever.
(You know the kind shared with friends, whether it's in Paris or the Olympic)

One large brick wall, cushioned appropriately where you'll band your head. (Preferably located in LG so your closer to us when you need medical attention.)

Bigass Margarita. (Available at the Pub tonight if you didn't have a date with the sauna.)

Love (always available 24/7/369)[I added some extra days for love, it seemed appropriate.]

margot said...

OOOH! Thank you! I feel better already!

Especially with the love. You gave me enough to get me through leap leap leap leap year!