Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ow ow ow ow ow

I hurt. Every muscle I have hurts. My knees hurt. My shoulders hurt. My hair hurts.

And I'll let you in on a little secret: I like it.

Tonight was odd and amazing and more fun than I thought possible. I had dinner with Kelly. Sort of. I sat at Harry's and ate a burger and let Kelly wait on me. It's one of my favorite things. Then, I dashed out to Lyons to play kickball. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard correctly - I played kickball. I actually made contact with the ball a couple of times.

Nemo asked me ages ago if I would play in this annual event. I reminded him how athletically inclined I'm not, and he insisted it was all in good fun. So I thought, why not?

Such fun. I felt privileged to be included in such a fun group.

After the game concluded (with the Lions whomping the Firemen, I must say) we hung out at the park for awhile. I wasn't planning to go to karaoke, but then, I got the call from Dale. Lea and Andy, Kelly and my hair lady and my eyebrow chick, respectively, were there, waiting to celebrate my birthday month. So I finished my beer and headed to the Tap.

It was a blast. To be there tonight, you wouldn't have known that Dale and I hadn't spoken in a week. It was just fun. We missed Nemo, but Dale played a great NeMedley of his greatest hits. Without him behind the bar, it's a very different place. There's a definite empty space where our favorite bartender used to be, so it was with a bit of meloncholy that we toasted our friend.

I danced all night, practically. After all the activity I've enjoyed in the past 48 hours, I really should have sat down and relaxed, but that just wasn't how I wanted to spend the evening. I smelled like a hideous combination of Deet and sweat and dirt. My feet are killing me. But given the opportunity, I'd do it all over again.

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