Thursday, December 13, 2007

The countdown

Only nine more get-ups until I go to Disney World!

I leave on January 1.

I have one more get-up this week, five next week, and three the week of Christmas. Then it's me, the warmth of Orlando, (did I mention that right now it's 72 degrees there?) and the magic of Disney.

I was telling one of my co-workers about my trip, and I told her that it's been almost two years since I've been to the House of Mouse. That's the longest I've gone without a trip to Disney in my adult life. This is also the longest I've ever been single.

To which Mary Jo said, "Well, you have the mouse for that. And really, there's only room for one rat in your life right?"

I'm still laughing

At any rate, only nine more get-ups. What do you want me to bring you?


Col said...

in the christmas store they have beautiful snow globe ornaments that are shaped like light bulbs. I got one for my mom 2 years ago and would love one for me.

I think they were only like 6 dollars. I will pay you back....

margot said...

You got it, Colleen! It would be my pleasure. Happy Christmas Hugs!

vized06 said...

Mike also wants a new Disney Christmas ornament. Or let's just say it's for Rae - that way you're more likely to pick one up.

And Kaylee wants a pony.

PS - Christmas present went in the mail yesterday ... keep your eyes peeled ...

maggie said...

Cool, that's what you kids'll be getting for Christmas.

No, not the pony.

So clearly your gift hasn't gone in the mail yet. But consider my eyes peeled!