Saturday, December 15, 2007

Love the spuds

Sure, I went to karaoke tonight. Amber was here, so of course I went. But frankly, it's all about the potato pancakes.

Kelly works at Harry's in Lake Geneva, where Louie makes potato pancakes. And Louie loves me, ergo I just ate potato pancakes. I am in my happy place. And tomorrow, I get tamales a'la Dale ... it's a very food weekend.

So, anyway, I went to karaoke. Way fun. I sang one of Amber's songs - "Who Knew" by Pink. About halfway through the first verse, I started really hearing the lyrics.

"I took your words, and I believed
In everything you said to me
Yeah huh, that's right"
It became a very angry song.

"If someone said three years from now, you'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out, cause they're all wrong
I know better, cause you said forever
and ever ...
who knew?"
It was fun. It was cathartic. I hope next time I sing it, I know it a little better.

Anyhoo, it was a very fun evening with not a lot of singers but a lot of great songs. Angel, Cheryl, Amber, Kelly and I were pretty much the entire rotation (and yes, I'm conspicuously leaving out the creepy guy.) We sang lots of new stuff, a couple of Christmas songs (yay, Kelly!) and Joanne even whipped of a perfect rendition of "Tequila."

But now, I'm tired, and I have to be at Dale's early tomorrow for TamaleFest II, Electric Boogaloo. So, until next time, Gentle Reader, good night. (Wait, there are more potato pancakes in the kitchen ...)


hungry and sad said...

GEE, Dale hasn't brought tamales to the Pub in forever. Now I feel sad and hungry. I gave him cookies...

inquisitive said...

If cookies aren't his tamale currency, what is?

BCM said...

First, allow me to say I've coveted your cookies for so long, revealing them now buys you NO tamale allowance...