Monday, December 3, 2007

The rest of the weekend

After the birthday bash on Friday night, I honestly felt like I might be partied out ... but I drove to Wisconsin, anyway, for Misfits' Thanksgiving.

The drive was interesting. I think I got out of the house just in time to miss the worst of the storm. You know, the part with the ice. I got to Amber's and spent the rest of the day warm and happy that I wasn't still on the road.

As the misfits gathered around the table, it seemed as though we all felt truly thankful. Brought together by nothing more than a feeling of acceptance for one another, we feasted on ham and side dishes that made our bellies nearly explode. Looking around the table, I felt a surge of joy. There was Amber, beaming from within a home filled with love. Liz, who had travelled the furthest to connect with her family. Kelly and Kevin, the unofficial parents of the group, and Drew, Aubri and Kristofer, who kept it interesting. Drew's friend Chris, who towers over us but seems to want to blend in. Aimee and Jason, an eclectic couple if ever there was one. The combination of people made for conversation, laughter and song.

By the way, the acoustics in Amber's great room are really quite something!

We played games, drank cocoa, relaxed and just enjoyed one another's company. When it was past time to head for bed, none of us were ready. But we were content to have shared a thankful day together.

Sunday brought me to the traditional Rathunde family un-Thanksgiving. It was weird. It was tense. It was small, as my ex chose not to attend. It was so good to see Marge, and Buzz and Terra, and Jack, Dianna and their kids ... it was good to be there, together as a family, and yet it was sad, because the family that once was just isn't there anymore.

That's life, of course. We grow, we change, we make choices and live with the consequences. And with a little luck, we don't have to do it alone.

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