Saturday, January 24, 2009

An original Amber Fox

I received a Christmas gift today. My friend Amber is a teacher, an actor and an amazing artist. Over the summer, she admired a photograph taken of two of my nieces, Kaylee and Alice, while we vacationed at the lake house. She liked the colors, she said, she thought they'd inspire her.

Little did I know what they were inspiring her to create. Pictured here is my gift: an original painting of two young ladies whom I love more than words can express, created for me by a woman whose talent, heart and soul make me wish I were more like her.

Pictured here is love, plain and simple. Young cousins enjoying their time at the beach, a doting aunt who could watch them all day long, and the incredible spirit of an artist who sees not only with her eyes, but with her heart.

I love the art that hangs in my home. I love that people I love have created it for me. Come by the Chez Maggie Gallery sometime. I would love to share it with you.


Charlie and Cindy said...

Wow, does she do commissioned work?

maggie said...

Isn't it beautiful? The thing is, she doesn't every paint for anyone else. She doesn't sell her work, and she has never painted anything for anyone else. It's just not something she does. So I think this is probably a one-time thing, but I promise to let you come look at it any time you want!