Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ten on Inauguration Day

  1. It's one of those things I think I'll always remember. Not unlike remembering where I was when the planes hit the towers, Reagan was shot, the Challenger went down, I accepted my job at an undisclosed company, I learned of my mother's diagnosis, I took the phone calls telling me Racheal and Janie were pregnant (not, of course, together) or when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. As human beings, I believe we remember the extraordinarily joyful and sorrowful moments in life with such startling clarity that we can recall minute details of those moments. So, too, I believe I will always remember gathering with my fellow employees this morning, watching our 44th President take the oath of office. I will remember the happiness I felt when Aretha didn't mangle "My Country, 'tis of Thee," the chills I got hearing the promise of hope over fear, the peace that seemed to hang in the room like a curtain of unification. God speed, Mr. President. You have my respect, admiration and trust.
  2. You haven't seen synchronized swimming until you've seen me, Shakespeare and John perform Hip-Hop in the pool. We laughed so hard we cried. Last night was the first time all three of us were in class together in months, and we made the most of it, capping off our workout with several dips in several pools. Life is good, no matter what. Life is even better when shared with friends.
  3. There's a girl I work with who got Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King mixed up. The same girl asked me who John Williams was during the inauguration coverage. Further proof that I do not work in a think tank.
  4. I have four knitting projects going at once. It's like I have crafty ADD.
  5. I am humbled every time I think about my friends. A few years ago, I moved to Arlington Heights knowing only one person in the area other than my husband. Subtracted him from the equation, leaving me out here with only Cute Brian in any real proximity. Yet, as true friends do, those who lived far away proved that love is like a rubber band, pulling us closer beyond the reach of geography. Some moved back to the area (it's a joy to have Patrick and Ed close by!), some popped up online after years of separation (Eric, Tony, Kathleen, half the DEN and more) and yes, some new people have taken up residence in my heart. I am never far from the love of a friend.
  6. I really have to clean my apartment, and it's gonna happen tonight. The place looks like a cyclone hit it. I believe this is evidence of a life well lived.
  7. This Sunday I am going to see my friend Diane and her family. I get to hug the new baby and make her older children cry. It's what I do.
  8. Over the weekend, Ryan, Britt and I made a special trip to the bookstore to purchase Scrabble dictionaries. We're studying. Some day, I may beat someone from Clan Rice/Carlson, but I'm not holding my breath. In related news, Ryan is displeased with me for having brought him his very own Scrabble game, because Britt promptly beat him at his own game. Take heart, handsome fella ... everyone loves a gracious loser. I know. I lose a lot.
  9. I have the ugliest headboard in the universe. I hate it with a passion that cannot be measured, described or understood. It's cold and boring. And yet, I can't seem to find the perfect replacement, so I'll live with it until I do. For the record, I'm looking for something dark and substantial - the antithesis of what I currently have. Got any ideas?
  10. Mike left a message on my voicemail last night on his way home from work, to tell me he was driving home with the top down. I'm sure he didn't mean to rub it in, but rather wanted to preview what I'll enjoy in a few weeks when I visit Tucson. But the best part was when I called back and Kaylee answered the phone. Hearing her little voice say "Hi, Maggie!" just thrills me down to my toes. She is quite a girl!


jessicat said...

If you like the shape and such of your current headboard or it is similar to what you might like with minor alterations - say has sharp edges, you want it rounded etc. then add some batting and cover with some nice suede or something in a rich chocolate brown from the fabric store. You will have to contact me direct for more "crafting 1 on 1."

maggie said...

Hmmm, Mrs. Trimmer ... you bring up an excellent point! I will keep an open mind and see what my noggin comes up with! Thanks for the happy crafty thoughts!

Janie said...

You can always, sand it, paint it, cover it, distress it with a hammer, drive over it with your car, throw it out the window (only if you live more than one story up), or . . . it is possible that the possibilities are endless.

KellyAnn said...

I thought u and Amber were gonna fix that. You were gonna make one or something? I dont remember. And could u tell Brother Mike in Tuscon to update his blog? I dont know him well enough (well not at all) to tell him myself but I REALLY enjoy his writing and stories of Kaylee and I miss it.The Parenting Tip made me spit out my drink. I seriously had to wipe off my screen. I love you and am looking VERY forward to seeing you.

maggie said...

Janie, I really like the way you think, but it may be beyond saving. We'll see. And yes, I live on the third floor ... maybe out the window will help.

Kel, thanks for making a comment on my blog all about Tucson Mike. You're a peach! I'm excited to see you, too ... mmm, breakfast!

Aged (but not ancient) Rice said...

You may want to believe that Mike wasn't jabbing you, but you're WRONG! Take it from another who got the same treatment but without the prospect of any immediate relief in TUCSON.