Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun Stuff

Today I have had the best day at work ever. We had our Summer Celebration for work. They do this twice a year, once after the holidays (a fancy dinner with linens and silver) and once in the summer (a fun one with frivolity - last year we went to Dave & Buster's and I kicked my colleague's hiney in SkeeBall.)

Yeah, well, today I spent four hours at Medieval Times. Seriously. I kept sitting there thinking, "This is work. I am getting paid for this." The horsies were magnificent. The food was delish. The knights? Handsome and daring as ever. One bestowed upon me a flower, in acknowledgement of my beauty and grace. (Or more likely in acknowledgment of the fact that I can holler "huzzah!" louder than just about anyone in the castle.)

Anyhoo, with my crappy camera phone, I snapped a few photos before I got the message that the memory was full and I'd need to delete. So here you'll get the two from our outing, and a few others that I'd completely forgotten. Enjoy!

This is me and Juliette, a girl I work with. We are using the buddy system; everyone must hold hands.

This is me and Natasha on the bus. She is also a girl I work with. Please note: I do not make friends at work.

This is Mike at White Castle on the last full day of our vacation. I miss him. He misses sliders.

This is the unbridled joy brought on by steamed patties of "meat."

Mmm ... thirst-quenching goodness.

I try to tell Rae to stop calling the burger "My Precious."

Rae was threatening to whack me with a fry. Yeah, she scares me.

One last one, and yes, I know this makes me look like a pathetic divorcee, but seriously ... what I really want you to notice is the floors. I have been keeping them really clean lately, and it's not easy. But aren't they pretty?

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