Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, it's done.

Are you tired of hearing me wax philosophical over my week at the beach? Now you can at least see it for yourself.

The online album can be found if you click here. You may love it. You may think I'm crazy. But at least you'll get the picture.

Enjoy. Heaven knows I did.


monkeyhouse said...

Yer sooooooo sappy. ;-)

maggie said...

Yes I am.

And this is not a surprise to you.

And you love me that way. You have for many years.

Besides, it's part of my charm.

Anonymous said...


I think you took the whole cow that time, Mags.

Good for you. You deserve it.
I loved living it vicariously.


maggie said...

Glad you dig the photos! I had a great time throwing it all together.

It makes me hapsad to look at them. Happy to have had such a great time, but sad that it's over.

Until next time ...